Audition Notice for Inherit the Wind

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We are excited to announce the auditions for our fall play, Inherit the Wind!

Inherit the Wind

This play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee takes on a subject that is still controversial today. Inherit the Wind discusses the debate covered in the Scopes “Monkey” Trial, which argued creation versus evolution. Inherit the Wind’s many revivals and film adaptions show that this argument is still relevant today. Although we know the answer to this argument remains open to interpretation based on an individuals views and beliefs, what conclusion will they come to in this story?

Audition Dates:
Monday, August 21st, 2017– 6pm-9pm
Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017– 6pm-9pm

The Levoy Theatre
126-130 N. High Street, Millville, NJ 08332

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017– 6pm-10pm (if necessary)

Performances Dates:
Friday, November 3rd, 2017 @ 8pm
Saturday, November 4th, 2017 @ 2pm & 8pm
Sunday, November 5th, 2017 @ 3pm

Inherit the Wind – Roles for Auditions

Matthew Harrison Brady (Lead) Male 45-70 – a national political figure who ran for president three times, Brady comes to Hillsboro to lead the prosecution in Cates’s trial as a hero; he is a Christian fundamentalist.

Henry Drummond (Lead) Male 45-70 – a famous lawyer from Chicago whom the Baltimore Herald sends to defend Cates; Drummond is a believer of evolution, progress, and freedom of thought; he is a self-proclaimed atheist.

Bertram Cates (Lead) Male 25-35 – a young science teacher and the defendant in the trial; Cates has been arrested for teaching his students the theory of evolution, which is against the law in Hillsboro; he is a kind and soft-spoken man, and is secretly Rachel’s beau.

E.K. Hornbeck (Lead) Male 25-40 – a cynical and wisecracking journalist and critic; Hornbeck travels to Hillsboro to cover the trial for the Baltimore Herald; hates fundamentalism.

Rev. Jeremiah Brown (lead) Male 40-60 – the revered religious authority in Hillsboro, who preaches a creed based on the fear of God and the punishment of sinners, and sees religion only in black and white.

Rachel Brown (Lead) Female 25-35 – the daughter of Reverend Brown and Cates’ secret girlfriend, who teaches at the same school where Cates taught students; Rachel has grown up without a mother and in a home that fears God, leaving no room for any independent thought or questions.

The Judge (Lead) Male or Female 40-60 – presiding over Cates’s trial; while the judge conducts the trial mostly impartially, his or her beliefs are strongly aligned with the rest of the town.

Meeker (Supporting) Male 25-50 – the bailiff at the Hillsboro courthouse; he is one of the few individuals who is friendly to Cates.

Mrs. Brady (Supporting) Female 40-60 – Matthew Harrison Brady’s wife; she is a sweet woman who acts as the polished wife of a politician.

Melinda Loomis (Supporting) Female 12-18 – a young girl who believes in the Bible and fears the idea of evolution.

Howard Blair (Supporting) Male 14-18 – a student in Cates’s science class, who testifies at the trial; while he does not fully understand the concept of evolution, he is not at the trial to oppose Cates.

Mrs. Krebs (Supporting) Female 40-50 – an outspoken Hillsboro woman; on behalf of the Hillsboro Ladies’ Aid, Mrs. Krebs serves lunch to Brady on his arrival into town.

Mrs. Loomis (Supporting) Female 35-60 – Mother of 12-15 year old Melinda, helps her with lemonade stand.

Mrs. Blair (Supporting) Female 35-60 – Mother of 12-15 year old Howard

Bannister (Supporting) Male 21-50 – a member of the jury; Bannister has read neither Darwin nor the Bible because s/he is illiterate.

Elijah (Supporting) Male 25-45 – a wild and illiterate mountain man who sells Bibles.

Mayor (Supporting) Male or Female 40-70 – a slightly awkward individual who supports Brady; can be played by a man or woman.

Davenport (Supporting) Male or Female 25-50 – the local district attorney who assists Brady during the trial; can be played by a man or woman.

Hot Dog Man/Photographer (Supporting) Male 20-35 – Sells hotdogs during opening scenes, photographer during court scenes. Multiple roles.

Jesse H. Dunlap (Supporting) Male 25-60 – a farmer and cabinetmaker; Dunlap stands as a potential juror, but Drummond dismisses him because of his enthusiastic support of Brady.

Sillers (Supporting) Male 25-50 – an employee at the local feed store and a member of the jury who focuses on working hard while his wife focuses on religion for the both of them.

Cooper/Newspaper Man/Vendor (Supporting) Male 30-60 – professes not to have opinions about creation because they are not good for business; Multiple Roles.

 Phil/Reuter’s man (Supporting) Male 20-30 (English reporter, must be able to handle a British accent) – Doubling as a townsperson in the beginning of the play and as a reporter with a British accent throughout the rest of the show.

Mr. Goodfellow (Supporting) Male 40-60 – The haberdasher who has a shop in the town square.

Men and women between 30 to 60 years are also needed for a dozen or so Townspeople roles. (Many of which may be doubled with above roles.)



For more information on the show and character breakdowns visit our Inherit the Wind page.

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