People Can’t Stop Talking about OBSP’S Peter Pan!

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*Caitlin Geisser as Peter Pan

OBSP’s Peter Pan opened Friday, August 11th and it is already a must see! Reviews are coming in from all over praising the set, the stunts, and of course the actors. SNJToday and Ricky Young-Howze speak out about the show’s success.

*Victoria Mozitis as Wendy, Scott Magee Jr. as John, and Mason Corey as Michael

SNJToday’s review praises the high-flying stunts provided by ZFX Incorporated. They recall the final bow where Peter Pan takes flight right over the audience, an effect that has never been done before at the Levoy Theatre in Millville. Be sure to check out this review as it includes special video previews of the show.

*Geisser and Mozitis in the Darling’s Nursery 

Ricky Young-Howze reviews Peter Pan on his blog, The Young-Howze Theater Journal. He praises the director, Walter Webster, by calling him a “confident captain” of a “unified” cast. He also goes on to compliment Webster’s direction of the orchestra as well, calling it the “air that a musical breathes”.

He even mentions special shout-outs to actors: Caitlin Geisser (Peter Pan), Victoria Mozitis (Wendy Darling), Sidney Maycock III (Captain Hook), Matthew Carmardo (Smee), Lindsay Nakai (Tiger Lily), Kadin Bevan (Slightly), and Eric Acierto (Starky). He applauds their stamina, energy, and overall character choices.

*Lindsay Nakai as Tiger Lily leads the rest of the Natives

The costumes by Shaun Laurencio and Shannon Sheridan and set design by Mary Boner were not left out of his review either. Young-Howze recalled them as “beautiful”, “realistic”, and “fantastical”. Young-Howze claims, “It was like Neverland was alive!”

*Sidney Maycock III as captain Hook

Lastly, he acknowledges the crews’ hard work that made the special effects of the show possible, such as the lighting and the flying.
He finishes his review by wishing good luck to the cast and crew throughout the rest of their run: Thursday 8/17 at 7:30 pm, Friday 8/18 at 8:00 pm, Saturday 8/19 at 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm, and Sunday 8/20 at 3:00 pm.

*Kadin Bevan as Slightly (center) along with Magee, Corey, Geisser, and the rest of the Lost Boys

Be sure to check out both reviews (SNJToday and The Young-Howze Theater Journal) and get your tickets now at!

*Photos courtesy of Kathy Gaglio Mozitis

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