Inherit the Wind

November 3, 4, and 5
Friday at 8:00 pm
Saturday at 2:00 pm & 8:00 pm
Sunday Matinee at 3 pm
Performed at: The Levoy Theatre
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This play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee takes on a subject that is still controversial today. Inherit the Wind discusses the debate covered in the Scopes “Monkey” Trial, which argued creation versus evolution. Inherit the Wind’s many revivals and film adaptions show that this argument is still relevant today. Although we know the answer to this argument remains open to interpretation based on an individuals views and beliefs, what conclusion will they come to in this story?

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Betram Cates– 24 year-old, male; A teacher who has being convicted for teaching his high school class about Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. He is inquisitive and thoughtful about the mysteries of the universe.

Matthew Harrison Brady – Political figure and prosecutor in Cates’ trial who is rooted in Christian beliefs about creationism. He is skeptical about Cates’ convictions and beliefs.

Henry Drummond – Lawyer that defends Cates and is open to new ideas and theories, such as the ones Cates’ teaches.

E.K. Hornbeck – Journalist that covers the Cates trial. Writes and speaks with embellishment and sarcasm.

Rev. Jeremiah Brown– Local pastor and conveyor of religious views.

Rachel Brown – 22 year-old female; Teacher at Cates’ school, Cates’ close friend, and Rev. Brown’s daughter. She struggles with her duty to her father and her romantic feelings toward Cates.

The Judge – Presider over the Cates trial who oversee the trial in a somewhat indifferent manner.

Meeker– The bailiff.

Mrs. Brady – Matthew Harrison Brady’s wife.

Melinda Loomis– 12 year-old, Christian girl.

Howard Blair – Cates’ student who was taught the theory of evolution.

Mrs. Krebs – Local woman who resides in the town.

Tommy Stebbins – 11 year-old boy and friend to Cates.

Mr. Bannister – Illiterate member of the jury.

Elijah – Street preacher to the local people.

Mayor– Mayor who oversees the town that holds dear to Christian beliefs.

Tom Davenport – District attorney from town.

Harry Y. Esterbrook– Radio personality.

Jesse H. Dunlap – Farmer.

Sillers – Member of the jury.

Storekeeper– Owns a store across from the courthouse.

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